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Lakadbaggha movie review: Lakadbaggha, a story of a different kind, released on January 13 to give the perfect dose of entertainment. Being different from everyone else is a specialty. But it is very difficult to be a giver in a world full of greed. If you belong to that group then you might like the film Lakadbaggha.

Lakadbaggha Movie Review

Lakadbaggha Movie Review

Lakadbaggha is the latest Hindi movie starring by Anshuman Jha, Ridhi Dogra, Paresh Pahuja. The movie Lakarbagga was released on January 13, 2023. In this post we are going to present Lakadbaggha movie review.

Ayushmann Jha’s performance as courier man and martial arts teacher Arjun Bakshi will be liked by the audience. An ordinary person becomes active when he learns that innocent animals are being illegally trafficked. In the opinion of the director, this interesting plot of the movie will have to keep the audience’s love for the film until the end.

But in Bollywood, almost no director has made an animal-based film like that. From that point of view, Lakadbaggha is a completely different story. Ayushmann Jha is a perfect match as an animal lover. Because in reality he is a real animal lover. He is a calm, gentle, innocent man. He is also religious. On-screen Arjun Bakshi took martial arts training from his father. He has a deep love for street dogs.

So when he learns that a dog is missing from there, he puts his martial arts training to use. Because his father taught him to always fight against injustice. When he learns that an illegal trade is going on with a rare species of striped hyena, the calm and innocent man changes his behaviour and becomes completely furious.

In this work, Arjun got the police officer Riddhi Dogra. He promises to help Arjuna in this matter. Arjuna and his friends vow to eradicate the illegal cattle trade in Kolkata forever. And the main panda of that team will also find Paresh Pahuja. Can they reach this goal? The story of the film proceeds in this context. But animal lovers will love this movie.

But the screenplay of the film could have been better. The bond of animal love or social message that the director wanted to give in this film seems to have been loosened somewhere. It looks like an advertisement with a social awareness message. There is an ad running saying that animals should not be mistreated or that making biryani with dog meat is illegal.

But the stars are each the best in their place. The screenplay is good but the continuity gap is quite obvious. Action sequences like curve maga, mixed martial arts, and self defence scenes are very intricately designed.

Ayushmann Jha i.e. Arjun’s performance is one hundred percent Jha. Riddhi has very little space in the film. However, it is difficult to find any flaws in the acting during the time that was on the screen. However, neither the appearance of the Panda Paresh nor the dialogues of the animal smugglers could touch the hearts of the audience. The scenes did not pull the audience as well due to the poor background score. Also the weak screenplay could not be a perfect dose of entertainment. But if you are an animal lover or love to watch animal based films then you can watch Lakadbaggha once. After reading Lakadbaggha movie review, now check out some points of Lakadbaggha movie.

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