Income of 300 crores in 3 days, ‘Pathaan’ fever affects the whole world! Shah Rukh gave a special message amid success

After 4 long years, Shah Rukh Khan made a comeback on the big screen as a hero with ‘Pathaan’. This movie has been ruling the box office ever since its release. 300 crores earned in just 3 days. It also broke several records. ‘Pathaan’ is breaking multiple records every day, as well as touching unique precedents. All in all, only ‘Pathaan Raj’ is running at the box office now.

Not only India, cinema lovers all over the world are affected by ‘Pathaan Mania’ at the moment. Four years later, the amount of excitement seen in the audience around Shah Rukh Khan’s comeback film ‘Badsha’ was not seen in the recent past with any other Bollywood film. ‘King Khan’ movie has broken almost 21 records at the box office within three days of its release.

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In just 3 days, Shah Rukh’s movie has done business of 300 crore rupees all over the world. 150 crore crossed that number in India alone. Film experts estimate that this film will cross the 4 billion mark before the end of the release week. Let’s take a look at some of the records broken by ‘Pathaan’ in today’s report.

On January 25, Shah Rukh’s movie was released worldwide. The film earned 57 crore rupees on the day of release even if it was not a weekend. On the second day, the income stood at 71 crores. At the same time, on this day, several records were broken by ‘Pathaan’. The Shah Rukh-Deepika starrer has also touched the records of highest grossing film on second day of release, highest grossing film in one day, highest grossing film on holiday as well as grossing Rs 70 crore in one day.

Of course, not only these 4 records, also ‘Pathaan’ has broken many other records, including the first film to earn Rs 50 crore in 2 consecutive days, the fastest film to earn Rs 100 crore, the first film to earn Rs 100 crore in two days. The film did great business in every state of the country except East Punjab. This film has set a unique precedent in several states.

‘Pathaan’ earned the title of the first Bollywood film to earn 4 crore rupees in a day in West Bengal, 1 crore rupees in a day Assam, 2 crore rupees in a day in Bihar, 1 crore rupees in a day in Odisha. Also, this movie has created multiple records in states like Kerala, Andhra Pradesh.

Of course, not only in India, Shah Rukh’s film has broken many records abroad. The movie of ‘King Khan’ is ruling the box office of several countries including North America, Germany, Australia, Russia.

Though Shah Rukh’s ‘Zero’ failed to impress at the box office, ‘Pathaan’ continues to win. Before the release, the film created several controversies and after the release, ‘Pathaan’ got only the love of the audience. ‘King Khan’ gave a special message after the success of the comeback film ‘Pathaan’.

Before the release, there were many controversies surrounding ‘Pathaan’ but Shah Rukh remained silent. Maybe ‘Badsha’ wanted to reply to the critics through box office collection. And now after the skyrocketing success of ‘Pathaan’, he finally opened his mouth.

Shah Rukh wrote on Twitter, ‘Nothing can be saved to come back. There is no plan to come back. Rather, moving forward is the name of life. Don’t try to come back, rather try to finish what you started’. Advice to a 57 year old man.

Right now Shah Rukh’s ‘Pathan’ is ruling the box office. This movie did a business of 100 crores on the day of its release. According to film experts, this scene is something no other Bollywood movie could touch. At the end of the third day, the box office collection of ‘Pathan’ crossed 300 crores.

The mega budget picture ‘Pathaan’, directed by Siddharth Anand, is a part of ‘Spy Universe’ by Yash Raj Films. Shah Rukh was seen in the movie as a spy named ‘Pathaan’. Shah Rukh’s ‘Pathaan’ is the latest addition to Yash Raj’s ‘Spy Universe’ after the ‘Tiger’ franchise, ‘War’.

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